Financial Planning

Financial Planning is the process of organizing, evaluating and utilizing your financial resources to define and achieve your life goals.  Our plans may include any of the following seven parts:

  • Cash Flow Analysis - In the areas of debt reduction, budget planning, or establishing savings.
  • Goal Setting - Unless written down in a clear, concise fashion, goals tend to remain just ideas.  We write down and help track your financial goals with you.
  • Personal Net-Worth Analysis - Benchmarking your balance sheet (assets minus liabilities).  Many people are surprised by their net worth because they've never seen it in black and white.
  • Income Tax Analysis & Reduction - A thorough examination of your current tax scenario to ensure minimizing your tax liability.  We also identify and help create opportunities to redirect cash flow savings above into your retirement accounts.
  • Education Planning - It's no small task these days to pay for a college education.  We calculate the monthly savings or lump-sum investment needed to meet your goal, as well as help you select the education plan to save for a future education goal.
  • Retirement Projections - We'll help you answer the question, "How am I doing?"...   more important, "What more can I/we do?"  Evaluation of your current retirement savings, and alternative strategies to help ensure greater financial security throughout retirement.
  • Estate Planning - Don't let Uncle Sam become your largest heir.  Leave what you want, to whom you want, when you want, by planning today, maximizing the transfer of your wealth and control while minimizing taxes.